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“Tell Me What I Should Feel?”


How do you feel today about our country, what we are seeing, what is happening?

Tell me how I should feel.

There is an ache in my heart, a knot in my stomach, and sadness in my attitude, watching what we see daily.

I wanted to vomit the first time I saw the video of the ‘murder’ of George Floyd, lying in the gutter in Minneapolis.

I was enraged watching 3-other Twins Cities police officers stand there and not intercede as a handcuffed dead’s man life was snuffed out.

I am appalled to see the confrontations and the rage expressed by police officers towards peaceful protestors, standing on the line to supposedly protect our city.

I am disturbed by the protesters throwing things at police as they try to create confrontations.

I have a tough time distinguishing between outside agitators and protestors, but I am sure there is a mix.

I turn hateful after I watched two videos of gross looting of an Adidas store in Los Angeles, and vandalism of a Macy’s store.  I videoed both incidents.  I counted 31-African Americans going in and coming out of the store with goods.  I counted 21-other minorities raiding Macy’s before police got there.  These young people have a chance to make the right decision vs wrong decision going into a store, and look what they do.  Tell me what it to be gained by burning down businesses in your own village, businesses owned by fellow minorities.  How does that solve anything?

I fear the infrastructure of the ‘family unit’ in America is decayed to the point, that young America does not know right from wrong.

I am shamed to see video of armored carriers with weapons and soldiers riding down the streets of Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, as if this is a 3rd world country like Iraq-Iran-Afghanistan.

I hate the rhetoric from the White House, enflaming our nation about ‘taking back our streets’…’meeting force with force’ and so on and so on.

I understand about unemployment and racial profiling and a history of injustice.  But 99 out of 100-cops are dedicated to protect and pure in their approach to the job.

The same thing with the many African American people of color I am friends with.  Successful and classy.  They are not black nor brown nor Latino to me, they are just friends and they are Americans.

I was angered when I saw the ‘staged’ press conference by President Trump in the Rose Garden, as the military tear-gassed those protesting in Liberty Park, outside the White House grounds.  And then him going to the historic Episcopal church for a photo op with a bible.

I would never have thought a great country like ours, would have to deal with 105,000-deaths…43M unemployed….and now murders and arrests.

America has become a nightmare.

How do we fix it?  Government programs that help minorities train for jobs.  Better yet, federally funded programs that put minority applicants at the head of the line for federall funded construction projects, something similar to the WPA-CCC.  The line to sign up to earn a respectful living would go down the highway.

I don’t know how you build up family infrastructure.

Education?  Turn your community college system into a learning house for minorities to get degrees, help them get a job, get a better life.  A unique form of welfare payments where there is an outcome for those enrolled.

I am getting bombarded with hateful Emails from pro-Trump supporters, who don’t like my columns on my website right now.  They are entitled to their opinions, but I am not?

I can’t talk much about sports when my society and my country are ablaze.

So tell me, what I should feel about what I am seeing and experiencing?

Is it just me?  Is it them?  Is it our leadership?  Is it the values of society?

What do you feel?

Tell me what I should feel.


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