1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Trouble Lurking Everywhere”

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Lots of stories to follow and my reaction about the dangers out there.

GEORGIA-TCU….Who could have thought this possible, this beat-down by the Bulldogs on the Horned Frogs.  It was pretty one sided right from the start.  And it brings home the dangers about next year’s 12-team expanded playoffs.  What value is there when teams from smaller conferences get to qualify to play in a 12-team playoff.  What kind of damage would be inflicted, say, if the Aztecs won the Mountain West, and as the 12th seed, had to play Georgia-Alabama-Ohio State-Michigan or any of the top seeds.  Ask TCU how they feel right now?  Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.  Be careful of what you wish for.  It might wind up (65-7) and I don’t know that is good for anyone in a playoff format.

NFL OFF SEASON….Let the rumors begin, who is going to try and trade up in the draft and get access to Alabama QB-Bryce Young.  Consider the price you’d have to pay if you don’t have a QB and want to trade up.  Think about this.  A better price to get a veteran like Derek Carr from the Raiders.

DODGERS DEADLINE…It’s coming-Friday.  They have DFA’d Trevor Bauer, and have till Friday to either release him, or try to trade him.  Considering LA has to pay the 22M left on his deal, anybody could take him on in some type of deal for a minor leaguer.  But the team that deals for him, are they read to take the heat about taking on the character flaws of the pitcher?  I do like the signing of Noah Syndegaard, the ex-Mets ace.  But they are strangled having to pay the rest of Bauer’s contract, means they up against the (233.M) luxury tax threshold, a number they cannot go over this year.  Won’t be the same team.

PADRES…Off season scorecard:  Signed 4-free agents from the outside led by Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts, along with Seath Lugo-David Dahl-Matt Carpenter..  Re-signed 2-in house free agents, Nick Martinez-Robert Suarez.  Have signed 4-other minor league free agents led by ex-Tampa Bay pitcher Brett Honeywell.  And you get Fernando Tatis back with the opening of spring training and in the lineup April 20th.  Most all the money is spent, unless AJ Preller elects to deal away prospects to go get one more veteran for his roster.

ANGELS…The storyline should be about trying to sign Shohei Ohtani to a 40-to-50M per year extension.  But adding the likes of Tyler Anderson-Hunter Renfroe and others means they are trying to patch the roster to make it a better team around him for the final season of his contract.

LAKERS…It just keeps happening. Superstars, big salaries, big stats, on going injuries.  Anthony Davis has had 9-different injuries between his days with the Pelicans and the Lakers.  Might be back in 2-weeks, but how long till the next setback?  Same storyline with LeBron James, having a tremendous season, but in and out of the lineup when things keep flaring up.  Scary your most trustworthy and healthiest player is Russell Westbrook.

CLIPPERS…Per Kawhi Leonard-Paul George.  See the above paragraph on the Lakers.

CHARGERS…Week three loss to Jaguars was a long time ago.  Very different teams right now.  If healthy at the skill positions, Chargers will be more explosive.  Of concern, the Jaguars QB-Trevor Lawrence has grown and that defense has gotten tougher and tougher as the year has gone on.  This will be a Pick’em game, but this will not be an easy game.

RAMS…Sean McVay’s season ending press conference wasn’t so much football, but almost had the feeling of a ‘Therapy session’.  He looks-sounds burned out.  This has to be scary because he is the leader of the Rams, in player deals, style of play, accountability.  If he leaves, it is not the same franchise.

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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Trouble Lurking Everywhere””

  1. Chris says:

    The Lambs went to the crossroads deciding to go all in for that ring, the devil has come to collect that check. Teams that build through the draft and augment failures with free agents tend to be successful for years. The Rams, Broncos, and Browns will all be struggling with bad moves for years.

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