1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “What’s In Your Heart?”

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“What Does Your Heart Feel?”


A day in which I was ready to write about a ton of late breaking stories, came to a screeching halt.  Suddenly the sports stories of the day didn’t mean as much.

…13-elementary school students killed in Uvalde, Texas

My heart took a hit and ached with the revelation of the latest tragedy.  Check off another box on the calendar, of another incident that makes no sense at all.  Bodies and bullets….tears and anger.

It never seems to end and no one seems interested in ending all this.

…Uvalde is the latest on a long list of tragedies we have to deal with.

The Padres-vs-Dodgers great chase for first place was put on hold.

..The mass killings at that Charleston, South Carolina church.

Which battered NBA team survives in the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics series?

…..Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh

The Trevor Bauer-Deshaun Watson sexual misconduct cases continue.

…Newtown, Connecticut and Sandy Hook flashes back in your mind.

The Edmonton Oilers-Calgary Flames Battle of Alberta carries on

..The Orlando night club shootings

The Indy 500 field is set and car setups are next on the agenda

…The Buffalo Topps supermarket murders

The futures of Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson are being discussed.

…Parkland High School shootings

All the Joe Biden press conferences are nothing more than shallow words

…Columbine, Colorado is part of our heritage.

All the filibustering in Congress prevents our country from taking action to solve all this

…The New York Subway shootings

All the Republicans failing to act because they want to hide behind the 2nd Amendment and protect the votes of their friends from the NRA.

…The Arkansas car shooting tragedy.

I remember former President Trump holding a press conference with grieving parents sitting to the side, each making a statement.  If I had been one of those parents, I would have asked Trump to change seats with me,  Put yourself in my shoes, having jost lost a murdered child.  What would you say Mr. President if your son had been killed?

…The El Paso massacre

There have been 121-mass shootings in 2022 already.  Think of that 121-shootings in 19-weeks.  There were 622-last year, and 417-the year before.

Ghost Guns, AK-rifles, magazines, body armour, all part of these stories we have to co-exist with.

There is no end to the nightmares.  It’s black on black murders.  It’s hispanics under fires.  It’s those with hate crimes as their agendas.  It’s mental illness putting everyone at risk.  It’s social media showings live as it happens.

Mental health and guns have become a horrid part of our society.  Someone from both sides of the aisle must step forward and take leadership to set aside politics to save lives.  Serve and protect used to be the signature of governmental leaders.

Will grief turn to hate?  Will human compassion overwhelm people in Congress to do something?

In our lifetime, schools and churches were safe places.  No longer safe havens. Hate crimes have become a part of our life..

Do the politicians care about citizens or just about their constituents?

On a day we could have talked about pennant races, the playoffs, contract holdouts, we had to talk about a sickness in our society that our leaders just don’t seem able to solve.

America was great.  Wonder if it will ever be that way again?

Where is the soul of our leadership in Congress to serve our nation, to take the leadership in gun reform, to save the lives of the voters.

What is in your heart at this hour?  People with darkness in their hearts have broken our hearts.





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