1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Why Does This Man Still Own an NFL Team?”

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“Daniel Snyder-vs-NFL”


I wonder how much longer this will go on, the NFL allowing Daniel Snyder to retain ownership of the Washington-Commanders (nee Redskins) football franchise.

Which chapter of Snyder’s ownership is the most egregious?

..The incompetence on the field, 2-playoff wins in 23-years of ownership.
..Coaching failures with 9-different head coaches in his span as owner
..Firings of quality coaches like Marty Schottenheimer-Mike Shanahan
..Mistakes with hiring of Steve Spurrier-Norv Turner

..Failed 1st round draft picks including QB-Dwayne Haskins-Robert Griffin III

..The erosion of legendary season ticket support and a record drop attendance

..The scandal over the team name ‘Redskins’ dating back to 1936

..Loss of virtually all major corporate support at Fed Ex Field

..The massive lawsuit by a group of minority owners led by Fred Smith-forced Snuyder to borrow money to buy out the 40%-ownership control of the minority group.

..The year long NFL investigation of the franchise for its toxic workplace culture

..The lawsuit by 40-Redskins cheerleaders of sexual harassment

..The Redskins Voyeur Video put together by staff members

..The 1.6M-settlement lawsuit of a female employee over sexual harassent

..The resignation of 5-Vice Presidents under NFL probe for misconduct

..The 10M fine imposed by the NFL upon completion of the league probe.

..A second workplace probe involving more ethical violations

..A Congressional committee oversight probe of allegations Snyder withheld large amounts of ticket revenue money that was supposed to be reported to the NFL for revenue sharing and for the salary cap with the Union.

All that on his NFL ownership resume and yet he is still on NFL committees, and still owns the franchise.

It is a staggering blow to the leadership of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that a leader of this little substance-credibility has not been ordered to sell the franchise, or have the franchise seized by the league.

The NFL rid itself of longtime Carolina Panthers owner  Jerry Richardson a couple of years back for ethical misconduct.    Why one removal, but not the next guy guilty of so much wrong-doing?

Lots of questions.  No answers.  No discipline either.

The depths of contempt towards Snyder are mountainous.

Here’s the latest on the latest Washington scandal involving Daniel Snyder..courtesy of the ‘Front Office Sports’ financial website:

The House Oversight Committee alleged the Washington Commanders committed a “troubling, long-running, and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct” in a letter sent to the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday.

The 20-page letter detailed how for years the Commanders underreported ticket revenueto the NFL and alleged that owner Dan Snyder had knowledge of some of the schemes first reported by Front Office Sports on April 2.

Jason Friedman, a former Commanders’ ticket sales executive who worked for the franchise for 24 years, provided much of the information to the committee used in the letter, including spreadsheets and emails. The attorneys general for Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell were sent copies of the letter signed by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-New York), the chair of the committee.

Snyder Implicated in Scheme
The allegations of financial improprieties date back to right after Snyder purchased the franchise for $800 million in 1999.

The Commanders “created artificial barriers to discourage customers from requesting” refundable deposits due to them. Friedman provided documents that showed the Commanders still held about $5 million in unreturned deposits from around 2,000 accounts as of July 2016.
The team “repeatedly concealed ticket sales revenue that should have been shared with the NFL.”
The methods used to conceal revenue from the NFL was known internally as “the juice.”
“This new information on potential financial misconduct suggests that the rot under Dan Snyder’s leadership is much deeper than imagined,” Maloney said in a statement.

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