1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “World Series–With Aztecs Colors”

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“World Seies-Aztecs-Colors”

Baseball-Coach Mark Martinez”

The baseball spotlight is in Houston as the World Series moves into Game two.  That spotlight will have a ‘Red & Black’ hue attached to it, as former San Diego State All American takes the mound against the Astros.

The legendary Aztec goes down as the second greatest player ever to wear the SDSU colors, right behind Tony Gwynne.

SDSU baseball coach Mark Martinez had plenty to say about what Strasburg has become in Washington, and what he has meant to the Aztecs program.

Martinez also spent time talking about the newly proposed restricting of minor league baseball by the Commissioner Office.  He comments on the proposal to fold 4-Class A and rookie leagues…the decision to cut the draft back to 20-rounds…a move to make all teams to reducer to ‘150’ the number of minor leaguers they have under contract, and what this could mean to college baseball across the country.

Coach Mark Martinez:


..So proud see what Stephen Strasburg has done with Washington Nationals.
..Fabulous job-learned how to be enormous talent
..Have had a lot of chill moments thinking about his career and now the World Series

..His expectations have been so high, he has answered the challenges.
..Look over his career and now this year-what a season for him.

..He’s kept hitters off balance all postseason-strikeouts and soft at bats
..He has a different style of pitching-he dominated with fastball with curveball-changeup.
..He is up to 95-to-98mph…
..He speeds guys up-slows them down using all three pitchers.

..Heartbreaking when he suffered elbow injury that second year…
..1st think you think, ‘My God” what has happened.
..Respect work he put into his career.
..We knew how he competes at the highest level.

..I texted him to say congrats and let him be.
..Our guys see what he has done-they know him
..He is here in the off season around our guys.
..He’s done so much for our program..talking life lessons.

..Sit and watch him now..memories come rushing back.
..His 23-striekout game, in a (1-0) win vs Utah..holy cow-amazing
..His no hitter in final home start…amazing.


..New minor league structure-waiting for data on what final decisions will be.
..Knee jerk reaction is this will help college baseball
..Change how we sign people coming out of high school..more players available

..First reaction it is an awesome deal for us in terms of players available for us.
..If they cut draft back to 20-rounds in draft…alot of California usually sign.
..Pool of players available will change..more available to us

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