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The Chargers are playing well, this (2-1) preseason record, and they almost beat the team that was in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks.
So the Chargers should be pleased headed to the final exhibition game of the schedule.
Philip Rivers looks sharp, the receivers have done a good job, the pass rush-blitz package is featuring lots of people, and the kid safeties are holding up well.
All fine and good, except this. They cannot run the football. And the pass blocking has been suspect with QB-Philip Rivers taking sacks and knockdowns.
The spotlight has been on lst round pick Melvin Gordon from Wisconsin. He has yet to show up, but I don’t think it is his fault.
Gordon admits the game is moving at warp speed for him. His carries have included two decent runs of 6-and-8 yards.
But in he real picture, his 20-carries for 45-yards is not good. Neither is his run blocking offensive line, and that’s the real issue.
Gordon has 13-carries of 2-yards or less. He has 7-carries of zero or negative yards.
If you watch closely, he cannot get out of his backfield with the ball because his offensive line has been blown off the ball at the line of scrimmage.
High priced left guard Orlando Franklin has not run block well. Left tackle King Dunlop has not run block well. Center Chris Watt looks as if he gets beat at times in the gap.
And by moving right tackle DJ Fluker into guard, the Chargers have lost a power option running off the right side.
Coach Mike McCoy can sugar coat his press conferences, by saying he is pleased with his team this summer. But if you cannot run in preseason, how do you run in regular season?
They should consider re-juggling this offensive front. Fluker back to right tackle. Maybe Watt over to guard. Go back to Trevor Robinson at center. Hope you can heal Franklin from the nicks he has. Hope too Chris Hairston can hold up at tackle after a poor outing Saturday night at guard. Johnny Troutmann, the experienced guy is out till week four.
They’ve got two weeks to figure it out. Rivers got knocked down six times by Seattle. The Bolts haven’t run the ball against anyone’s lst string defense.
14-days till the season starts. Time to start thinking about alternative ideas upfront.



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