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“NFL–Earthquakes Continue”

Two weeks into the NFL season, and things are upside down.

Upsets, blown leads, Injuries, Coaching mistakes, surprise teams, troubled franchises.

Hop-skotching across the NFL map.

CHARGERS..QB-Justin Herbert has a fractured rib cartilage. That’s a problem in that it may limit his mobility out of the pocket and you wonder if a large flack jacket and an injection will impact his throwing motion. Lucky for them, they get Jacksonville. Very good team but very banged up already

RAIDERS…Off to an (0-2) start and what I projected is what has happened. OL cannot protect Derek Carr and people are moving the ball against them, because they have a weak defense.

RAMS…Had to rally to beat Atlanta after getting blasted by Buffalo, and now there are 3-ailing OL who cannot protect Matthew Stafford.

MIAMI..Tua Tagovailoa has arrived as a star, winning games, not just managing them. That was some Sunday outing (36-50)..463Y…6-TDs including 4-TDs in a 12 minute span against the Ravens. And those WRs-Tyreek Hill-Jaylen Waddle a combined 22-receptions for 361-yards.

KANSAS CITY…Patrick Mahomes continues to create, when flushed out of the pocket. Moves left to avoid a blitz and shot puts a 9Y-TD pass to a running back. Scrambles right, starts to run, pulls up and throws a 41Y-TD pass. And the defense beat the crap out of the Chargers in that game last Thursday. The secondary much more athletic.

BUFFALO…A well oiled machine, on offense, and a fierce compete personality on defense. That is (2-0) to start and they are real and maybe better than last year…Josh Allen putting up MVP numbers-the defense drilling people.

PHILADELPHIA…Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, AJ Brown, a group of combo running backs and Fletcher Cox and Jordan Davis on the defensive front. Pretty good team..and now (2-0).

TAMPA BAY…Tom Brady is fighting everyone, his receivers, who run bad routes, lack of run game, the media for invading his private life and this separation from his wife. They are winning but don’t look like a complete team yet.

PACKERS…Searching for WR-help for Aaron Rodgers. Those 2-running backs, Aaron Jones-AJ Dillon may have to carry a bigger load for awhile. Still think this is really good defense. Lucky they play in a weak division.

GIANTS..Nothing wrong with your eyesight. They are (2-0) out of the gate. Go figure that out. Really?

LIONS…Developing a reputation as street fighters. Now run the ball with DeAndre Swift and a more controlled Jared Goff passing game. And they are playing defense. Might be a tough matchup some Sundays.

ARIZONA…Figure out QB-Kyler Murray, awful first half, explosive second half. Does have people around him. Just need consistency now. Seems like a Bi-Polar team.

49ERS…Lose Trey Lance for the year with ankle surgery, give the ball to Jim Garoppolo, who was (31-14) as a starter. And now you get him for (6.5M) salary after he restructured down his 25M deal. And he will be driven in a contract year.

BENGALS…Off to this (0-2) start. QB-Joe Burrow is going to get maimed..13-sacks..20 hits in the first two losses. You spent 84M to pick up 4-offensive lineman and this is what you bought?

RAVENS…Shell shocked 4th quarter loss, but if you don’t have Jimmy Smith and Marcus Peters in the secondary, you got problems, even if you have Lamar Jackson doing so much on offense. Got to get healthy but still got 15-games left on the schedule.

NEW ORLEANS…Jameis Winston, a star QB or reverting back to a turnover machine. Alot of injuries already on the offensive side of the ball.

JETS…Come from behind victory against Cleveland with Joe Flacco throwing 2-TDs in (:65). Really?

STEELERS…Zero offense and a zero QB-in Mitch Trubisky. How long before they let #1 pick Ken Pickett play?

NEW ENGLAND…They look mediocre even with Mac Jones at quarterback. Looks like a pedestrian offense

MINNESOTA…a nice start by new coach Kevin O’Connell but you wonder if teams will figure out this new offense, or whether O’Connell pulls it together and makes it exciting like Brandon Staley did last year with the Chargers. ¬†They came crashing to earth with turnovers in the loss on Monday night.

COLTS..Hard to believe (0-1-1) out of the gate with Matt Ryan there, but injuries have really hit their skill position players and defense is banged up.

BROWNS..Awful loss to the Jets and now DE-Jadaveon Clowney has a major ankle injury. No one knows if Jacoby Brissett can win them games?

CAROLINA…Baker Mayfield and his team off to an (0-2) start. Players, they need players on offense. Coach could be in trouble with (10-25) career record.

DENVER….Two weeks in the media calls rookie coach Nathan Hackett a ‘Clown Car Coach’ for all their mistakes in game management.

SEATTLE…Reality sets in. Geno Smith is a backup, not a starter and they have injuries at RB already. Long year coming

HOUSTON…No TD passes from Davis Mills. Is there ‘relegation’ in the NFL like there is in European soccer?

WASHINGTON…Vintage Carson Wentz…touchdowns and turnovers.

CHICAGO…Justin Fields 70-yards passing in Sunday loss. C’mon now man-how do you survived and win with that?

DALLAS…Bad start because of injuries. QB-LT-RG-WR. That’s not good at the Big Star. See if they get Dak Prescott back within a month.

JACKSONVILLE..Doug Pederson matching brain cells with QB-Trevor Lawrence. Got them one win but do they have enough talent on the roster?

TENNESSEE…You wonder if the era is over if Derek Henry cannot be the physical force he was prior to that foot injury. And then there is the Ryan Tannehill erosion…Now (0-2) after Monday Night beat-down.

ATLANTA…Bad start out of the gate and the reality Marcus Mariota is just this side of mediocre at QB. Definitely a long season.

Like I said, it seems the NFL is upside down this season.


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