1-Man’s Opinion-Wednesday 11/11 “Defeats-Defiance & Denial-Chargers Football”

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The Chargers have skidded into the bye week, with a 5-game losing streak attached to their tail, like a tin can being dragged along by a dog. They have 10-losses in their last 13-games. There will be no January playoff games here.

The numbers are horrid, and all we get from Mike McCoy at his weekly press briefings, are the same clich├ęd quotes, and defiant answers to questions he doesn’t like.

The numbers do not lie. The defense is now giving up 372-yards a game, now ranked 20th in the NF, much damage done to them by bad teams you would think they could beat..

Despite the presence of a great quarterback, they still cannot win, having given up 28-touchdowns this season, while scoring just 23.

He’s not junking the “3-4” defense, despite getting gashed for big yardage plays every weekend, a total of 39-plays this year of Plus-20-yards.

That defense has just 16-sacks and only 9-takeaways in 9-games this year., but the defense does not change.

McCoy remains adamant they are not misusing RB-Melvin Gordon, and has no intention of taking blocking tight end David Johnson and loading up with a ‘big backfield’ or maybe an I-formation, to play to Gordon’s strength, where he starred out of the I-formation at Wisconsin.

The roster is a mess, with a team playing shorthanded. You wonder, with the desperation situation in the offensive front, why they did not put guard Johnnie Troutman on the 8W-Injured Reserve list, with the right of recall. Eventually they put him on the season long IR-list, and cannot bring him back. Ditto with the handling of LB-Tourek Williams broken foot

They never do anything bold. Didn’t make a push to get legendary pass rusher Jared Allen. Didn’t consider bringing back Dwight Freeney. No interest in the highly productive Wes Welker. Never looked at massive Browns NT-Phil Taylor. None of them could help this sorry bunch?

McCoy maintains his team is just a couple of plays away from being a much better record, if they had just made a play here-or-there. Of course nothing ever gets better, they keep losing close games, and they never make the plays.

Remember they struggled before finally beating a horrid Detroit team. They should have lost to the 2-win Cleveland Browns. They may be (2-7), could have been (0-9) and surely nowhere’s near McCoy idealistic thought, might be (7-2) “if we made a play here or there”

The injuries pile up but he refuses to admit that has anything to do with this record, as if it would sound like an ‘excuse’ rather than a legitimate ‘explanation;.

McCoy spent a chunk of time talking about his passion to excel as a coach, speaking glowingly of the passion of what few veteran players he has on his roster.

Defiant and Defeated, the rest of the season looks dreary in San Diego. With a stubborn coach who isn’t man enough to admit mistakes, not willing to change things up, or smart enough to see the cup half empty rather than half full.

The numbers do not lie, or as Bill Parcells would say, ‘you are what your record says you are’. Mike McCoy refuses to see it that way. He looks like he’s going down with his ship.



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