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The newspaper called him timid…I say he’s conservative….you should tell him it’s time to make this move.

NFL rosters are pretty much complete, built for the coming season. There are virtually no free agents of note to go get. The draft picks are signing. What you have now is what you will play with this coming season. And the Chargers don’t have enough.

Tom Telesco has a chance to add one final piece to the puzzle, a player who would be a difference maker, a guy who could put you over the top.

They’ve been quiet in free agency with the exception of a role playing running back. They have an opportunity to add a great talent.

Time is marching on in Philip Rivers career. He will have to carry this team again, considering how young they are on defense, and how they did not add any veteran help that side of the ball. They have running backs, a quality tight end, experience in the offensiv line, but they are short at wide receiver.

Wishing and hoping you can get Danario Alexander and Malcom Floyd healthy and back on the field is a pipe dream. Keenan Allen caught lots of balls last year but he won’t catch anyone by surprise this year. Eddie Royal and Vincent Brown will catch a few passes, but won’t scare anyone. Andre Johnson will.

The Houston Texans perennial Pro Bowler wants out. He does not want to be part of another rebuilding effort. He has 3-years left on his contract, is 32, and healthy. He caught 109 passes last year. He’s averaged nearly 14 yards per catch. Caught 61-career TDs. Is a matchup nitemare, is big and physical. Runs the tough crossing routes and the deep patterns too.

Houston wants a 2nd round pick for him. The Chargers should do it. San Diego has stockpiled lots of young players on defense. The clock is running out on Rivers’ chance to get his team to an AFC Championship game. Andre Johnson would give him the home run hitter he needs to complete the offense, an offense that has to carry the team, because the defense is so young.

We don’t need anymore young players, don’t worry about the draft pick, worry only about what that guy could do with your quarterback, who probably has two quality years left. You’ll have 11 million dead money off the books next year so you can afford the final two years of a hefty contract.

The Union Tribune called Telesco timid as a General Manger. I say he is just conservative. But this is a chance to do something dynamic. Andre Johnson would put the Chargers over the top.

Right player, right time, right need. The Bolts leader leader needs to be bold.

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2 Responses to “Chargers”

  1. Anthony Wilson says:

    I agree 99%

  2. SD79 says:

    This is a no brainer. You have a guarantee with Johnson, and just a question with a 2nd round pick. The Chargers 2nd round picks over the past few seasons have been, Manti Teo, Reyes, Gilchrist, Butler, Mounton(can you remind me who he is?). It would be though to find someone who would not be willing to package all those players for Andre Johnson. Given the history of the Chargers last few years, they would come out ahead even if they throw in a 2nd round pick for 2015 and 2016. You are absolutely correct, Philip Rivers has a limited amount of time left in his prime, and Johnson is a difference maker. Get him and we can see just how good Vincent Brown can be.

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