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He got what he deserved. Yes he got a lot of money. But he lives out his sorry life filled with scorn.

Donald Sterling, welcome to the despair you have created for yourself. The Clippers owner has lost his NBA franchise.

An LA judge ruled against all 3-of his lawsuits, in a bitter fight to retain ownership, months after his racial slurs put an end to his forever stained life.

Shelly Sterling, no crown jewel of a person, was right in removing her husband from the family trust. The doctors, who declared the 80-year old real estate tycoon, mentally incompetent, had their medical exams validated. And the 2B sale to Steve Ballmer is allowed to go thru.

Sterling gets half of the 2B sale; but he loses half of what he gets in taxes; and he pays all the legal fees due after this ugly lawsuit. And who knows the cost of all the other litigation he has committed going forward.

Banned for life from the NBA, a 2.5M-fine from the commissioner’s office, and the loss of the only credible thing he valued, a pro franchise.

Such a fitting penalty for a man who lived a life of lawsuits, maltreatment of minorities, a world full of bigotry and questions of ethics.

In the end, Sterling lost the lawsuit when he took the stand. The prosecution allowed him to meander from topic to topic, make questionable statements, contradict earlier testimony and depositions.

In closing one minute he talked about his wife,, their partnership,her business acumen, and minutes later he was calling her a ‘pig’.

The man who owned an NBA franchise known forever for faulty leadership and for losing, now wakes up with no team, less money, a forever tainted reputation.

This has to be the worst defeat ever in Donald Sterling’s life.

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