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It’s almost over-thank goodness a new beginning about to start.

On the clock. The NBA is awaiting for the clock to strike midnight on Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Reports everywhere the franchise could be sold tonite, maybe tomorrow. Regardless of the constantly changing story from the deposed Sterling, and the threats of lawsuits still out there, it appears as if a billionaire is about to step front and center and buy the team.

Microsoft CEO-Steve Ballmer has met with Shelly Sterling and B-of-A officials. Ballmer was the money man in the bid to get a team into Seattle.
Larry Ellison of San Francisco, with the deepest pockets, is part of the negotiations.

The Guggenheim Group, who bought the Dodgers, have Magic Johnson as their front man.
LA industrialist Rick Caruso; a group with Grant Hill in it: a Chinese syndicate with Yao Ming, are also there with bids.

The deal will be reached, then forwarded on to the Board of Governors for a vote.

Whoever buys the team gets greeted by the good will of fans, and inherits a pretty good team.

If the Yankees were the Evil Empire, Donald Sterling is indeed the evil emperor. But the man who bought the team known as the San Diego Clippers for 12Million dollars, will leave the NBA with 1-billion dollars likely sales price. The stain and shame of the man will likely go away quickly, in ultimate money laundering..

Donald Sterling and wife may exit LA hated even more than Frank and Jamie McCourt-who made off with billions too in bankruptcy.

To quote boxing promoter Don King, who kept making something out of nothing, “Ain’t America Great”.

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