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The phrase you heard in the movie stands out. What they said on the TV commercial, caught your attention. Today those words stand out.

You’ve heard the phrases and they fit the situation perfectly.

All the big NBA players have met with the big clubs over the July 4th holiday, and it’s now time for those guys to get max contracts and make their decisions.

King James..Melo…Bosh and the wildcard guy in all this Pal Pao.

LeBron James has been wooed by all. He can stay in Miami with the Heat, which has won 2-rings during his run, or he can go to the Lakers or go home to Cleveland. Miami’s offer is worth 129million..anywhere else he gets a 90million package

Carmelo Anthony has visited everyone. For Melo, he can get the big payday to stay with the Knicks but he has to trust Phil Jackson can put better players around him with no budget and no draft picks.

Chris Bosh will have to take a paycut to stay with the Heat, but he is rumored ready to head to Houston with Dwight Howard.

The guy who could cause all the dominoes to fall a different direction is the Lakers Pao Gasol. He could be the icing on the cake. If he stays in LA and takes a cut it gives them cap space. He could be the key addition to lure the Big 3-back to Pat Riley’s team in Miami. He might be the Zen Master’s first building block if he goes to the Knicks.

The next 48-hours will be something. Who commits first. LeBron, Melo, or maybe Gasol.

You remember the phrases from the movie Jerry McGuire? You remember the words in the Beer commercial. NBA players are uttering them now. King James-Melo-Bosh… “Show me the money”. For Gasol , he becomes the most interesting man in the world, for what he does might impact everyone else.

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