Hacksaw’s Headlines-Wednesday “Padres–World Series Candidate?”

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“World Series Tickets Here”


So how do you explain your feelings at this hour as the Baseball Trading Deadline has come and gone?

GM-AJ Preller won the battle at the deadline with his deals.

He did it in typical fashion, a wild spending spree, that included eating salary, dealing away tons of young prospect inventory, and building a team that should play well into October.

The Juan Soto-Josh Bell trade adds long ball power and big time hitting to sandwich around Manny Machado-Fernando Tatis-Will Myers-Jake Cronenworth. Who you going to pitch around?

Those big bats, having banner seasons, will mean everyone else gets better pitches to look at too.

Then they strengthened the weakend bench by getting utilityman Brandon Drury, who had a bounce back season in Cincinnati, and can play all over the place.

All this on the heels of the arrival of Brewers closer Josh Hader positions the Padres to be the equal of the Dodgers in virtually every category, starting arms, hitting bats, bullpen guys too..

It wouldn’t be a Preller trading deadline day, if he didn’t do shocking stuff.

We shouldn’t be surprised he got rid of Eric Hosmer, who hit (.259) in his career in San Diego; that’s alot of singles for the money he was paid. The bigger part of the deal, the Padres ate all 44M-of what is left on the contract.

It’s not Preller’s money going out the door.

Luke Voit replaced Hosmer in the Washington trade, when Hos invoked his no trade clause to the Nationals. Wonder how he will handle playing at Fenway Park, dealing with the fans-media, all that money, for singles off the Green Monster?

And in his style, he moved 8-more minor league prospects out of the organization, bringing to 40-the number of minor leaguers moved in deals over the last five seasons.

I woke up no longer caring about the future of the Padres, once they get to the World Series in the next couple of years. How they keep winning with the farm system barren and a really aging rotation, will be a challenge.

Maybe the ‘player to named later’ in the Washington deal, (agent Scott Boras), will be able to deliver more of his clients to San Diego in the future, for the prices the Padres paid to get his clients here, mean Boras should write some IOUs to owner Peter Seidler.

What a couple of months we have infront of us.

9-games still with the Dodgers, starting this weekend, that will impact where the Friars finish in the wildcard race. Catching the Braves is key, so the Padres can get home field advantage to start the postseason.

The back of Prellar’s baseball card will show he won the Winter Baseball Meetings a couple of years ago, and has now won the Trading Deadline Day.

The man was given an open checkbook, and emptied the account again.

Hopefully we can start thinking of buying World Series tickets soon.

What an exciting time for long suffering Padres fans, who aside from a couple of great seasons during the Kevin Towers era, a World Series run in the 1980s, and the Ray Kroc spending spree in the Rollie Fingers era, we have not had alot to get excited about-ever with this franchise.

Thank you Peter Seidler. Hoping Preller has put this team over the top. Time will tell when we start ordering tickets for the Fall Classic.


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