Instant Replay: Use or Non-use

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I don’t understand their way of thinking, these NFL owners, and the refusal to use the advanced technology at hand to improve NFL games.
They wrap up their spring owner’s meetings in Arizona today, having decided not to expand the use of instant replay to get additional calls right, important calls that impact the outcome of games.
Instant replay, as complex as it might seem, has helped the credibility of the game, become a great aid to officials, who at times struggle to keep up with all the action on the field.
Replay works well to determine possession of the ball, in-bounds plays, end zone plays, touchdowns-non touchdowns, fumbles, interceptions and more, things that change momentum of the game that impact the outcomes.
And now with hi-def television, the enormous advancement in technology, comes the question, why not use replay also to evaluate major penalties?
Was that really pass inteference on that big pass play?  Did the receiver shove off?  Was he interfered with in his route or attempt to catch the ball?  Those 30 and 50 yard penalties in games are big momentum changers.  Why not use the technology to make sure the call is correct?
Ditto too for the other big game changers, the personal foul penalties.  Hits to the quarterback, and blows to defenseless players.  In this case, NFL officials have to weigh ‘intent’ vs ‘accidental’ contact.  But again replay could help.
Was the pass rusher shoved in the direction of the quarterback?  Did the quarterback move and therefore put himself into the line of getting hit in the head?  Was the hit to the defenseless player with a shoulder (legal) or a helmet (illegal)?  Did the victime move at the last minute into the blow?
The competition committee said ‘no’ to 21-different ideas about using instant replay on penalties.  It wouldn’t delay the game further.  Coaches would have to burn a challenge and be sure before they risked a timeout.  We’re not talking about constant interruption of games.
Instant replay, a chance to further help the game with the biggest plays that surely impact the outcome of games..
Upon further review, I think the competition committee made the wrong call.  
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