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College Football is back, long live the king.
The first weekend of the college season is here, with a different pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  There will not be a fictional champion, a blind vote, a computer snafu to determine who gets to play the final weekend of the season.  It will be a 4-team playoff and it will go a long way to fixing the wrongs the good old BCS (Bowl Championship Series) created.
It’s a different year though.
Alabama must replace its quarterback AJ McCarron.  Florida State has its QB-Jameis Winston but lots of baggage around him.
Ohio State has lost its leader already, quarterback Braxton Miller with shoulder surgery. 
Life after Johnny Football-Johnny Manziel has begun at Texas A&M with his replacement Kenny Hill throwing for 511-yards in his first game..
In the PAC 12 conference, a new coach in the final year of scholarship probation at USC, but lots of controversy for Steve Sarkisian coming in the front door.  UCLA looks loaded and hopes to keep heart-and-soul QB Brett Hundley healthy, as Jim Mora moves into his third year at the helm. .
Oregon has Marcus Mariota at QB but has lost a ton of speed at running back and wide receiver, and we are now two years removed from the Chip Kelly era.
And the coach everyone wanted to hire, finally was hired, when Chris Peterson left Boise State to go to the Washington Huskies.  
A new beginning at once proud Texas where coach Charley Strong has run off 9-problem players.  Oklahoma has had off the field issues all off season and you wonder if the Sooners are upper echelon elite?.
And of course we have the Heisman Race, with some great additional QBs to watch, Auburn’s Nick Marshall and Baylor’s Bryce Petty likely to put up good numbers.
Closer to home San Diego State  plays just a brutal road schedule, BYU is an independent no-one is paying attention to anymore, and one wonders if anyone is left to watch what used to be the Big East, Conference USA, or where the old WAC went to.
King Football is back.  Saturday’s are special.  Get ready for upsets, shockers, high scoring games, and the annual right to argue, whom should be picked for the 4-team playoff after the Bowl games.
Tee it off…kick it off.  Just love the fall don’t you?
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  1. X-Yinzer says:

    The world’s greatest antidepressant–at least until my Pitt Panthers lose their first game. Great to see the blog, Lee!

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