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Everyone has something to say…and so do I.
Rob Manfred-Commissioner of Baseball will give a full hearing to Pete Rose reinstatement application.  He has served his 25Y-suspension, I would reinstate him so that his name can appear on the Hall of Fame ballot, where, in Cooperstown,  his memorabilia is located.  I would never let him back in the game.  What he did as a player deserves respect.  What he did, betting, means disbarment.  Honor him as a player, not as a person.
Barry Bonds-Disgraced Giants slugger asks “Why all the hate in baseball” directed at Alex Rodriguez?  The baseball record book is sacred.  A-Rod has stained it with multiple drug suspensions and admissions.  Bonds was never convicted but in the public-minds eye, he was a gross cheat.  His sentence, outside of San Francisco, everyone boos him still, and he will never get to Cooperstown.  That’s why the hate.
Randy Gregory-Nebraska LB and once regarded as a high first round pick, admits he used marijuana alot with the Huskers, and then tested positive at the combine.  Teams are still looking at him, but maybe he should be suspensended for part of his rookie year, a-la Terrell Pryor.  Either he is an idiot for smoking weed right before the combine, or he is an addict.  Why is San Diego wasting time with him?
Brandon Shanahan-President of the Toronto Maple Leafs wants character on his team.  The Sunday night massacre, the firing of 24-hockey ops people, including the GM, Head Coach, the assistants, and virtually the whole scouting staff is the beginning.  The players are next to go.  The richest team in hockey has not won the Stanley Cup since 1967 despite all that wealth.  Somewhat of a bad-man’s version of the Yankees.
Adrian Peterson-the chronic unhappy Vikings running back, likely to boycott the off season workouts, still wanting the Vikings to trade him.  Stop the ‘woe is me’ whining.  The only crying was your 4-year old son, whom you beat with a stick.  Here’s the solution.  If I am Minnesota, I trade you once you give me back the $7.5 M you collected in union protected salary while you were on the Commissioner’s exempt list.
Aaron Hernandez jury sits-meets-no decision.  This is scary stuff, he could walk free in this case, even with all his DNA around the Odin Lloyd murder scene.  The jury has to be unanimous and that doesn’t appear likely to convict.  The big issue to me, if the two thugs, Hernandez friends, were in the SUV with him, why were they not called to testify against the Patriots player if he was indeed the triggerman?
Darren Sharper, the legendary Packers safety and NFL-Network employee, convicted of 9-counts of date rape, may only get 10Y in prison.  But the information now about terms of his probation amazingly stiff.  Registered sex offender, must wear GPS device, barred from consuming alcohol, in depth 5-years counseling, and notification any type of crime, from a speeding ticket to worse, will leave to an additional 14Y in the hole.  Bet he doesn’t survive it.
Ray Rice, the disgraced Ravens running back, cannot find a job.  Some say the Domestic Abuse Video is the reason, but likely more so, used-up talent, who lost a step and had injury issues the final two years he played.  He probably deserves a second chance because he was a model player most of his career, but the video of him knocking out his fiancée probably has knocked him out of a contract, with people saying, who needs the trouble if he cannot play.
Lawrence Phillips..once upon a time, a star but star-crossed troubled running back at Nebraska, now serving 31Y-in prison for attempted murder, kills a cellmate at Kern County Prison.  Troubled person, troubled past, a menace to society, will die in prison.  Wasted talent but a worse person…
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