NFL Circus Comes to Town…

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They’re headed to Arizona, these New England Patriots, with a bunch of tin cans tied to their tail, as they go to the Super Bowl press conferences.  The tin cans make lots of noise, and that’s what they made this past week.  Instead of placards at the tables in the Media Center with their names on them, they should print just one word of them, one word will describe it all, “Cheats.”
In fairness to the media, they have to cover the stories involving all these press conferences, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady; write down all these quotes, relay all the explanations, then sort out what was said as compared to what was not said.  Ah the circus is in town, wearing the Red-Blue-Silver jerseys and helmets.
It was fascinating to listen intently to the Belichick press conference Thursday, the ‘total denial’ one, where he said he had learned more about inflating footballs, the rules, and Chain of Custody, in three days, than he had learned in 40-years of stomping, snorting and winning on the sidelines.
Then Saturday, another surprise press briefing, where the Patriots coach turned in a guest-lecturer performance that would make people at MIT proud, talking about the scientific study he had done in previous days about inflating balls, weather conditions, temperatures, weight on balls, the sun-the moon-the stars.
The non-personality he is, Belichick even invoked cult hero stuff, lifting lines from the Joe Pesci movie, “My Cousin Vinnie” and actress Mona Lisa Vita.  It was theatre at its best.  All this from a guy who loathes dealing with the media, and yet he had 13-and-23 minute press briefings.
But please, let me sales pitch this to the intelligent ones, even those located in the State of New England.  
With the raging beast that is Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle running back, next up on the horizon, and the dynamics of read-option quarterback Russell Wilson taking Seahawks snaps, do you really believe Belicheck would spend all this time, on the valuable game-prep week for the Super Bowl, worrying about 12.5 pounds of air pressure in balls, whether it was rainy or hot, windy or not?  Please, common sense, please, even to you people from the 617-area code.
So now Belichick has flat out said the Patriots are innocent; word like, transparent, followed rules to the letter, we learned out lesson, and innocent.  What he did not say now is he is challenging the NFL and investigator Ted Wells, prove we did something wrong.  Where is the smoking gun; do you have a witness?
Of course there are holes in the Patriots coaches argument.  If the atmospheric conditions caused changes in the Patriots balls, how come they did not impact the Colts balls, you know, the 12-legal ones, compared to the 11-illegal ones?  Was it because the ball bag was in the sun on the South sidelines of the stadium, while the Colts ball bag was on the North side in moderate weather?
If there was a major air inflation gauge malfunction, how come it did not malfunction when the NFL weighed and examined the Indy ball bag after they looked at what the Patriots ball bag contained?
And again, at the most important time of the year, the biggest game of the season, Belicheck was talking to people at Princeton, Harvard, Yale or MIT about balls, rather than gap control, blitzes, and cut blocks with his coaches?
Bill Belichick vs Pete Carroll, in a battle of mad scientists prepping for a game, should have consumed every waking minute this past week.
C’mon now!
Give credit though for this.  Belichick will use this past week to rally his team.  “Us against them” he will remind them.  They don’t believe you can win, unless you cheat.  And the coach has now deflected the glare of the spotlight during Super Bowl week, off his players (they won’t talk about Deflate-Gate), to him, where he will talk on and on, more nonsense than reality, some fact-vs-a bunch of fiction.
This will be fun to observe all this week, but understand this.  The credit card bill always comes due, and when NFL lawyer Ted Wells is done, there likely will be a bill with a fine attached.  Either some 23-year old Patriots ball boy is going to cry infront of NFL officials and spill it all, or so many teams will come forward, that the league will reach the decision, Deflate-Gate and Spygate are one and the same, authored, created and executed by the same guy, wearing the hoodie..  
The Patriots, trying to gain a competitive edge, were actually cheating.  Bill Belicheck, Tom Brady, here’s the bill, pay the fine, when the Super Bowl game is over…
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