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Now you have to think more seriously about all these trade ideas don’t you?.

In a 2-week span the Padres have pulled themselves out of the gutter.  From last place to third place, as other teams have collapsed, they have started to win .

So now the braintrust needs to re-think about any potential trades involving pitchers.  The team has won 6-of-8….11-of-18…most of it coming on the arms of its starting rotation and its bullpen.

In the last 17-games, the Padres starters have an ERA of (2.02)…and the bullpen has an earned run average of 1.15.  Think about those numbers, the best in baseball.

Yes the team batting average has been hovering around (.213) most of the season, the worst the game has seen.

The arms have carried them, and yes, you could get a haul of young talent for Huston Street, but why do that.

The staff has gotten hot and gotten good outings from the Cuban rookie OD Despaigne and the rookie Jessie Hahn.  This spell has come with little contribution from Andrew Cashner.  Think of how good this staff  could be top to bottom if everyone was here.

The hitting is woeful and this team has to find a way to move a bat or two, and get different hitters here.  Maybe they just need to eat a contract and remove the non producers, and commit to spending more on the budget to go get bats next off season.

In a game where pitching seems to be everything, I cannot trade arms.  I’d rather keep proven products on the mound, than deal them off for potential players who have yet to do it with the bat.

Good pitching beats good hitting most times.  Keep the hurlers, go get some different hitters, but don’t bust this mound corps up.  You have half a team in place.  Don’t make a half-ass deal just to make it seem like you are doing something.

The owner said changes are coming in a ‘reset’.  I say re-think this out before you go moving pitching.

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