Patriots – Guilty as Charged

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One shoe has dropped.  Waiting for the other to drop next, in New York-on New England.
The ‘Deflate Gate’ report is out with a cloud cover, lots of gray area, about who knew what, when they did, and why nothing ever happened.
The 243-page NFL probe details a long stretch of tampering with game balls by two New England Patriots staffers, not coaches, not executives, but game-day employees.  It condemns the two for information that shows this conversation had started back in May of 2014, and went thru the AFC playoffs
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was fingered as ‘having knowledge’ of what was going on, but there is no paper trail, or electronic dots, that connect him to demanding air pressure in footballs be changed.  There is however a number of text messages that show Brady communicating with the two employees after the story went public following the Colts allegations.
There is evidence the two reduced the air pressure in 11-balls to the absolute bare minimum (12.5lbs) after NFL officials had examined them.  There is evidence the Colts suspected ball tampering, and notified the league prior to the game, and then at halftime of the game.
The NFL probe cleared the Patriots owner, coach Bill Belicheck, and all the assistants of any knowledge nor wrong doing.
C’mon now, tell me you believe all this?  Tell me that something, anything, could go on in that Patriot locker-room without the coach knowing?  Tell me you believe Brady’s latest denial he had no knowledge?
People around the NFL think Brady and Belicheck are one and the same, looking for any and all edges, legal and illegal.  Somewhat akin to the glory days of Al Davis and his Raiders.
What makes no sense though, if the investigation shows this type of stuff was happening as far back as OTA workouts in May, you must imagine it happened opening day, and week seven, and in the playoff run too.
And if there is evidence, how come the NFL waited till after the draft to release the report?  Convenient they didn’t want to strip New England of any of the 7-picks they had in the top 100-find that strange?
And if we are to believe the NFL, which dropped a bomb on the New Orleans Saints for the Bounty Gate scandal, then “Ignorance is not an excuse” penalties should be sanctioned in New England much like New Orleans.  You know, Sean Payton’s suspension etc?
Added to the equation, is the fact New England had to write checks and give up draft picks for “Spygate”, the illegal taping of opponents walk-thru practices.  So now we are dealing with a ‘repeat offender’ situation too.
So now the NFL, which had no problem taking out a bum like Richie Incognito for a year in Miami for the Hazing club, and made Payton and Gregg Williams disappear with the Saints, should probably be ready to send a stiff sentence on NFL letterhead to Belicheck, owner Robert Kraft, and maybe even Brady.
That shiny Super Bowl trophy looks like it might have a dent in it.  The pristine image of Brady looks stained.  The arrogance of Belicheck can no longer be hidden by his XXL-hoodie.
Time to change things in New England, most notably the culture.  Time to sanction those who believe they can cheat, to protect the NFL Shield.
One shoe has dropped in New England.  Next up, waiting for hammer to drop and somebody to go down in Patriotville.

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