Quotes from January 6th Padres Press Conference

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Highlights from the Padres blockbuster press conference introducing Justin Upton-Derek Norris-Will Myers-Will Middlebrooks.

Ron Fowler-Lead Owner

…This is like David fighting Goliath-we knew who we were-and that was not satisfactory-we had to make changes.
…AJ gave us a blueprint-let’s redefine who we are and how we get players.
…He changed the mindset of our organization-that we can acquire 16M players and we can compete.
…When he got Matt Kemp-we knew it was a start-but not enough-he wanted more and more became available.
…I gave the last front office group what they wanted moneywise-they did not spend it correctly-that is why we changed leaders.

AJ Preller-GM

…I wanted to build a core of players in their 20s-whom we could control contract-wise-it was important.
…I wanted to land some players who have been in the post season and in pennant races-Kemp-Upton have been.
…I wanted a legitimate power hitter-Upton is a Silver Slugger.
…Derek Norris is a 25Y-All Star, a value bat, a good glove, a leader, a grinder.
…I have wanted access to Will Middlebrooks for a long time-since the college draft-he is a buy low guy with HR power.
…Wil Myers has been a top prospect since Day 1-with Kansas City and Tampa Bay.
…Getting Brandon Mauer and Shaun Kelly strengthens our bullpen-these are power pitchers.
…I am not looking to turn over this roster every year-these are core players we brought in.
…I wanted to give this manager and team a chance to win-these bats allow that to happen
…Getting Matt Kemp was the first domino-it changed how other organizations viewed us.
…There is not much difference in our payroll now than the team that finished up the season.
…To see the excitement in this town as we made these deals is great-we have a chance to be very competitive.

Bud Black-Manager

…I like the look in their eyes-their excitement to be here-how they feel about the lineup around them.
…Look how we pitched last year-look at how these guys hit-we match up position-by-position with everyone in our division now.
…AJ told me from the start-we need balance-players for today but talent we control forĀ tomorrow-24-25-27-29-30 year olds are here.
…My dialogue with AJ started in August-he knew what he inherited-he saw it first hand
…He had a plan in place for one deal to follow another-Kemp was first-then things fell together-deal by deal.
…It was painful to move all those young prospects in the farm system-but we got proven All Stars.
…We knew from day one Matt Kemp could be ours-but then AJ kept talking and creating other deals.
…To see these trades line up the way they did, and then happen, that front office worked very hard to make it fit together.
…To watch this happen-to see what he have on paper on the roster, wow.

Justin Upton-OF

…When the Padres got Matt Kemp-they got talent.
…When I was traded to San Diego-I thought the GM was a madman-getting all these players.
…I have hit 10HRs at Petco-you hit a HR at Petco-it is a ‘real HR’.
…I have given no thoughts on my contract-I am preparing to play in 2015-the rest takes care of itself.
…As every deal came down-I said this is going to be a much better team.
…Facing the Padres in a 3-game series-you knew you would have 20-very tough at bats against that pitching.
…I like Petco Park-I can hit at Petco Park.

Derek Norris-C

…I am looking to being a NL-catcher-only 8-batters to deal with-no DH.
…The NL-they run-they put the ball in play-it will be a learning curve for me about NL style.
…This is a privilege to be here-and to see what this franchise has done in player acquisitions.
…Team chemistry-we had it in Oakland-we will develop leadership here.

Wil Myers-OF

…I have never been hurt, so missing much of last year was tough.
…I played alot of CF-in minors-I can do that in San Diego.
…I look forward to seeing this entire roster-lots of proven veterans with some young players.

Will Middlebrooks-3B

…With all the moves they made in Boston, I knew I was leaving-that’s baseball.
…I got 150-at bats-played at 75% health-you cannot have a good season with all that around you.
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