Raider Nation Revolting

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Error after error.  Mistake after mistake.  Bad contract after bad contract.  Loss after loss.
That pretty much sums up Oakland Raiders football, a franchise where the past is all they have to reflect on, because the present is awful and the future not so bright.
Welcome Tony Sporano, interim coach, it’s your turn to fix the mess no one has been able to fix for nearly a decade.
2004 was a long time ago.  Raiders football, Rich Gannon, the Jon Gruden era ending, a Super Bowl appearance in San Diego.
Prior to that, you know well about Raiders history, legendary owner Al Davis, Coach John Madden, a roster full of stars and personalities, from Marcus Allen to Lyle Alzado, Jack Tatum to Jim Plunkett, Gene Upshaw to Art Shell  and so many more.
But that’s all Raiders fans of today have, memories of yesterday, and dented-dirty trophies stuck in a closet somewhere. 
Mark Davis runs the franchise now, trying to wash away the stain of the final years of his once-brilliant father.  Trying to unravel the club from years of bad contracts, and bad draft picks, and bad people.  It takes time, but the Raiders are so far behind, you wonder if they can ever catch up.
J’Marcus Russell, Tommy Kelly, Rolando McClain, Darius Heyward Bey.  18-different starting quarterbacks since that Super Bowl night here.  It goes on and on, the guys who stained the Silver & Black.
The franchise had the brilliance once upon a time of a young coachMike Shanahan, then the bombast of the another young Jon Gruden, but has nothing now.  They just fired Dennis Allen, last seen on the sidelines, like a kid whose brown bag lunch had been stolen.  Axed and his (8-28) three year  record attached to his name tag as he was sent home, told to leave, we’ll pay you to go away…
Raiders football has been one bad choice after another; Bill Callahan to Tom Cable  to Norv Turner to Art Shell, etc.  It just never gets better in that sewer of a stadium they play in, the Oakland Coliseum.  Sporano becomes the 7th coach in 10-years, and next season they will be hiring their 8th.  That’s some record isn’t it?
Waiting for young draft picks to develop, it never happens.  Waiting for the next giant-check free agent to carry the flag, it seldom takes place.  Hoping a veteran traded for makes a difference, it is just  disappointment squared on an annual basis.
They have the lowest attendance in the league, the lowest revenue stream in the league, a tarped upper deck stadium.  Whereas they were feared because they were swashbuckler players and personalities, they are laughed at now, for being a standing joke, where the highlight of the day are the fans in costume, and the lowlight of the day is when they kick off the ball to begin the game.
Hard to believe, the team that gave us ‘Commitment to excellence’ is now ‘incompetence by everyone’.  Pity the bright young lst round draft pick quarterback Derek Carr and what he has around him, trying to learn on the job.
Since their Super Bowl loss in San Diego, when Gruden’s Tampa Bay Bucs trashed the Silver & Black, the Raiders have a composite record of  (49-116).  Take that record and it makes you remember eras like the Orange clad Bucs 26-game losing streak, or the woeful Steelers of the 1950s or the Bidwell led Chicago Cardinals.
The Raiders nation.  They want you to believe they are different.  They really are, really bad.
Raiders football, “Silver & Bleak”.
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2 Responses to “Raider Nation Revolting”

  1. Mark says:

    Hating the Raiders isn’t worth it anymore, not with their current record of futility.

  2. Mike says:

    You are so right Hacksaw! Being a Raider fan is like being in a bad marriage . raiders I WANT a divorce.

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