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I don’t know how good he is going to be, but it should be interested watching him, listening to him, covering him.
Stevie Johnson is the latest free agent acquisition of the San Diego Chargers.  He, like the offensive lineman they signed, Orlando Franklin of Denver, is at the peak of his career.  Age 27, no injury history,some good seasons behind him on his resume.
You catch the balls he caught playing in the cold and wind in Buffalo (76-79-82R) over a three year span, and you put up thousand yard seasons, three years in a row on a non playoff team, that’s an accomplishment.
But it is strange, he was dumped by the Bills, and then by San Francisco, as his production started to tail off.  Was it game day falloff, or was it because he was in the middle of a big contract, coming off those good seasons?
There’s more to this player than just numbers, his passion, his flamboyance, his attitude.  He’s been durable, and is a big 6’2, playing the inside slot position against smaller nickel backs and safeties.  He could cause matchup problems.
Of course there is the controversial side of Sir Stevie too.  He has been fined 4-times by the NFL for taunting and excessive end zone celebrations.  Of course he’s caught 31-TDs, most in Buffalo, so there should be reasons to get excited, no one else scored on that bad ballclub.
He also drew nationwide rebuke, when he went on twitter and mocked God-the-Almighty.  He dropped a sure TD pass in a game against Pittsburgh, that eventually cost the Bills a playoff spot, seems like they haven’t been to postseason since the 1800s, and promptly wrote on twitter “I praise you and you do this to me.  How am I ever to believe you again”.  
That’s different, and that got him in hot water with lots of people.  That and all the losing in Buffalo
Yes he drops passes, and yes he can be a knucklehead. But now he’s yours, a San Diego Charger.  We’ll see if he become a key pass catching component like Danarrio Alexander became for one season, when the Chargers took him off the Rams scrap pile, before injuries ended his career.  He should be equal to the departed Eddie Royal, who was good, but did get banged up.
Since San Diego has spent virtually all their money to add pieces to the offense, they will need his contributions, because their defense, the way the roster sits now, will give up lots of points this year.  
“Stevie Showboat” will be in the house this fall.  We’ll see if he can reclaim big plays on the field to match the big stuff he does off the field. He will be fun, hopefully he will be productive.
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