World Series 2014

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The World Series, it’s going to be different.  I wonder if anyone is really going to watch it?
It starts tonight, this Fall Classic.  It’s not the Dodgers-vs-Angels, it’s not the Yankees or Red Sox-vs-the legendary Cardinals.  It’s two wildcard teams, neither of whom won 90-games this year, facing each other.
Giants-Royals…San Francisco-vs-Kansas City, and I wonder if fans in the Big Apple-Tinseltown-the Windy City will pay attention.
Give them credit, they earned this trip to go get a ring.  Both wildcards.  Both had less than 90-wins.  
Kansas City had to brawl thru a very tough American League Central Division, and the slugged and stole their way to 8-straight wins in postseason, against the heavily favored Angels and then the lst place Orioles.
San Francisco has had to overcome pitching problems, nagging injuries, and slumps, and yet they are still playing.  
I might challenge fans out there, can you name anybody on the Royals roster, and no, George Brett no longer plays there.
I wonder, and you probably did too, what would happened when the Giants lost front line starter Matt Cain and found former no hit wonder Tim Lincecum useless in the rotation, then shunted to the bullpen.
Oh there’s no shortage of fun things to pay attention to.  McCovey Cove and home run balls into the water.  The fountain in dead center at the Royals Stadium.  The Panda Bear Sandoval and the strange bird Hunter Pence.  
The manager is not a household name but Bruce Bochy might soon be called a Hall of Famer.  Ned Yost has been hired, fired, distressed, and impressed in his tours of duty.
There’s no Clayton Kershaw pitching or Mike Trout hitting, but there are plenty of things to pay attention too.  Small Ball…Base stealers…the Battle of Bullpens.
Who wins.  I pick the Giants.  Lots of arms wearing Orange and Black…lots of tension in late inning games…few runs…and likely very little TV ratings.
It will be fascinating none-the-less, just don’t know how many will pay attention to it.
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