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Quotes and Highlites from Roger Goodell’s State of the NFL Address.

…I take seriously anything that impacts the integrity of this league.
…The NFL’s integrity issues, this is my job, to pursue violations
…The popularity of the NFL is extraordinary-we have an enormous responsibility to earn the fans trust everyday.
…I have no intention of leaving this job.
…This has been a year of humility and learning for me as Commissioner.
…The Patriots advantage with the deflated ball issue is secondary to what happened and who did it.
…Robert Kraft of New England is not the Assistant Commissioner of the NFL.
…We will explore using Instant Replay next season on penalty calls.
…The NFL Conduct code is now clearly more effective.
…We interviewed over 150-people to develop this new conduct policy.
…We are hiring a Chief Medical Officer now over all things related to the health of players.
…Hits on defenseless players are down 68%..Concussions down 43% in 2-years..We are averaging 7-injuries per each Sunday game, 4-on Thursday night games.
…I want our teams to stay in their communities.
…The NFL has a relocation policy owners voted to adhere to
…Votes must be taken on franchise moves, financial contributions to stadiums, awarding Super Bowls.
…San Diego-we need to see tangible results in the Stadium situation-sooner rather than later.
…NFL players have an obligation to deal with the media-we will deal with Marshawn Lynch after the Super Bowl.
…We have donated $45M to Youth football for coaching and for safety.

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