Thursday January 15th, 2015

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San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer quotes on his plan for the Chargers-Stadium crisis.
…At no point in San Diego history has the possibility of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles been more real.
…San Diego has celebrated Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates.
…We must come together now and decide on the future of this team.
…This Stadium-Convention Center issue will be decided on my watch.
…I am forming a Civic Task Force-we will name it in two weeks before the Super Bowl.
…The Task Force will look at building an NFL Stadium at the Qualcomm sight, or a Stadium-Convention Center Annex-in the Gaslamp District.
…They will determine the cost of each, the potential revenue of each, and the best way to finance it.
…We will accept only a good and fair deal to the taxpayers.
…The Task Force will present its plan early this fall.
…The Chargers are San Diego’s team and San Diego will have the final say on the vote.
…I salute the Spanos’ for their efforts and patience.
…The city will not repeat the financial mistakes made by people in the past.
…At the end of the season we will not be talking about the Chargers moving to LA, but instead our plans for the stadium.
…This is our football team.
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