Tuesday February 3rd, 2015

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Mayor’s Task Force committee on the Chargers Stadium issue runs into controversy –
  • 2-Councilmen criticize the Mayor not having more diversity on the 9-member panel.
  • Councilmen criticize the Mayor for allowing no public access to the information the task force gathers.
  • Charge the task force does not represent labor groups or minorities.
  • Ted Gloria and David Alvarez want monthly reports from the task force and list of expense.
  • Jan Goldsmith-City Attorney says the Task Force in a private group acting as an advisory committee.
  • Says there is no legal obligation to release information until their recommendation is made to the mayor.
  • Says there is no legal obligation either to hold any public meetings.
  • Mayor Kevin Faulconer called this a private group of volunteer businessmen with the time and resources to help the city.
  • Mayor promises full open disclosure of their report once recommendations are made.
  • Mayor says there will be public hearings once probe is completed.
  • Mayor says the 9-members are unpaid volunteers serving the city.
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