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ESPN-TVs “Outside the Lines” does an in depth evaluation of the NFL’s failure to deal with domestic abuse incidents involving players, dating from the Paul Tagliabue to Roger Goodell eras.
Damning evidence.  46-players have been charged with domestic abuse issues, and 88% of those players have been given 1-game or no suspensions at all.
The case range from arguments and shoving, to a beating, a choking, and a striking of a pregnant wife in the stomach.
The specific numbers show of the 46 found guilty, only 15 players were disciplined, with either a 1-game suspension or a fine.  A total of 27 players were never sanctioned by the league, and four others were cut by teams, never re-signed anywhere else in the NFL.
A great piece of investigative journalism, considering how badly the current case are, and how they have yet to be resolved because of Union intervention.
Ray Rice of Baltimore wants immediate reinstatement, claiming he was sanctioned twice for the same incident, a violation of the CBA, plus all back pay.  The Ravens released him, meaning he is a free-agent..
Adrian Peterson plea bargained felony child abuse down, and wants immediate reinstatement, in a case headed to a grievance next week on his status.
Greg Hardy of Carolina, has had his domestic abuse trial pushed into next year, and he is expected to file a grievance, demanding reinstatement.
No charges are being filed against 49ers pass rusher Ray McDonald, who has continued to play all season.
A probe of two alleged incidents involving the Cowboys CJ Spillman remains active, but no charges have yet been brought.
The NFL talks extensively of doing something about it, dealing with bad players and bad acts against women.  The scoreboard shows little happened in the past, and what is being done now is behing road-blocked by the people who rep the players, the union and their agents.
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