Mayor Faulconer – Stadium Press Conference

Posted by on January 17th, 2015  •  2 responses  • 


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2 Responses to “Mayor Faulconer – Stadium Press Conference”

  1. Cat Jefferson says:

    Mr. Mayor, why don’t you understand that Football is a multi-billion dollar business. The key word here is ‘business’. As a tax paying citizen, I feel it is completely unfair for a taxpayer to fund construction for ANY business. I flat do not benefit, in any way, shape or form, from this business. Why should I be forced to pay for their huge profits? It’s the NFL and the team owner’s business. They should be the ones paying for new stadiums.

    And another thing that angers me no end is the fact that the football business pays NO taxes! They rake in billions of profits and pay nothing! My husband makes a measly $450 bucks a week as a private contractor (musician) and he get utterly slammed every year in taxes. Over 6 thousand dollars! Then let’s not forget sales tax, gas tax, and all the other taxes and illegal fees we have to pay on top of Federal income and State tax. Now you are talking being fair to the taxpayers on building a new stadium? I’m sorry sir, but charging one cent is not fair to people like us!

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Understand, that if the Stadium-Convention Center annex is approved, the financing will come from a Hotel-Motel Bed Tax from tourists, it will not be a tax from San Diego citizens. I assume the recommendation will be for Spanos to contribute 200M, the NFL to kick in 200M, 50M for naming rights, and the rest from the tourism tax to finance this. Remember that the convention center annex will bring even more tourism, which is our primary industry, to San Diego, which means for visitors, spending their money, in our city. The TOT (tourism tax) is the 3rd biggest revenue producer in our city budget.

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