1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Lady Aztecs Basketball-Arrow Pointed Up”

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“Lady Aztecs Basketball-Growing”

San Diego State is a basketball school now, thanks to Steve Fisher and Brian Dutcher.
Women’s basketball is very successful at lots of places around the nation, but not so at SDSU

Maybe things are about to change.
SDSU has tournament teams when Beth Burns ran the program till she was removed.

For the first time in a long time, the Lady Aztecs appar ready to turn the corner.  Off to a good start. With a good blend of talent, young and experienced on the roster.


Coach Stacy Terri Hutson:

10th season at SDSU
Replaced fired Beth Burns

Really good moments to start the season
Best start in 15-years at (6-1)
Team is a bit banged up right now
Balanced scoring around C-Yummi Morris
We have alot of potential starters on this roster
Talk alot about sacrifice-develop game changers

We needed to get the right people on the right seat ont he bus
Taken us longer that we thought
Defense is who we are..defense travels with our team

Tough to recruit size in womens ball
Blessed to have Yummy Morris as a post player
They get over-recruited…but we have size.

Transfer portal is big on this team..we have alot of 5th year players
We are an older team…allowed
NIL is not a big thing yet in women’s basketball but it is coming

We sell transfers the opportunity to play immediately
Great arena..great resources…living-playing San Diego is a plus


1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Friday “Lady Aztecs Basketball-Arrow Pointed Up”

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“Lady Aztecs Basketball-Growing”

San Diego State is a basketball school now, thanks to Steve Fisher and Brian Dutcher.
Women’s basketball is very successful at lots of places around the nation, but not so at SDSU

Maybe things are about to change.
SDSU has tournament teams when Beth Burns ran the program till she was removed.

For the first time in a long time, the Lady Aztecs appar ready to turn the corner.  Off to a good start. With a good blend of talent, young and experienced on the roster.



1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Baseball Hall of Fame-2nd Chance-Last Chance”

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“Hall of Fame…2nd Chance…Last Chance”


Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and its ballot, are back infront of the fans, the media, the decision makers again this weekend.

We are going back to where we spent the last 10-years, trying to determine whether or not to put ‘cheaters’ into Cooperstown.

As the Winter Meeting unfold here in San Diego on Monday, in conference rooms upstairs at Seaport Village, , the newly formed Contemporary Committee of the Hall will meet to review and vote on 8-candidates who are part of this year’s list of veteran eligible players.

These are players who spent 10-years on the Hall of Fame ballot but did not make it.

There are great veteran players coming off great careers like Fred McGriff and Curt Schilling, who were very close to getting in, but did not make it in the ten years they were available to be voted in.

But also on the list, are Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Ralf Palmiero, the three controversial superstars, who put up staggering statistics, but were implicated in the steroid scandals.

Over that decade period, they failed to caputre the required 75% vote and were taken off the regular ballot last winter.  They resurface now as first time candidates on the new Veterans Committee list.

But the issues remain the same.  The three were disgraced in the Mitchell Report.  Implicated in congressional hearings or in trials.  Eventually blackballed from the game once they left the game.

Bonds, Clemens, and Palmiero  were dragged thru the Balco Trial, the Mitchell Report, or in Washington DC-hearings, implicated  with evidence and testimony they took steroids, covered it up, convicted only in the court of public opinion, but not by baseball

Now when you think of those three, what comes to mind?  The Clear, the Cream, Needles, Injections and denials or lies .

What’s the first thing you think of now about them?  Not Bonds (.298) career average, the 73-home run season, the 762-home runs hit.  Not Clemens’ (354) win or the (4,672) strikeouts.  Surely not Palmiero’s (569) home run totals.

I flash back and see a Bonds condescending attitude, a Clemens sneer, and Palmpiero pointing his finger at Congress in denial.

An interesting sidebar story also is the fact that this special committee is made up of Hall of Famers, Baseball Execs and select writers, will make this decision.  It’s not the vote of the entire cadre of MLB-baseball writers who decide on the regular Hall ballot.

These are players who earned their way into the Hall, Frank Thomas, Ryne Sandberg, Jack Morris, Chipper Jones, plus a group of Baseball Front office people, many of whom have been outspoken about baseball’s cheats over the years.

How do they decide?  What do you want them to decide?  A plaque with an *asterisk?  A plaque with their stats?  A plaque with a black ribbon?

How do you match their sins against the faults of those already in?  Drunks, Womanizers. Racists.  Perfect players, not perfect people.

But these issues have to do with the integrity of the game and maybe that is the line that is drawn in the sand.

So we are back to dealing with greatness-vs-goodness, accomplishment-vs-integrity.  Do we put these players in Cooperstown, where their memorabilia is already,  or do we continue to refuse because there is a black mark next to their statistics and accomplishments?.

Interesting meetings start Sunday.  A storyline, a vote that won’t go away, but will be decided shortly.



1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “USA-World Cup Soccer-Heroes Everywhere”

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“USA Soccer Takes Next Step”


Captain America, Christian Pulisic, won the game for Team USA with a huge goal.

Fullback Walker Zimmerman saved the game standing infront of an open net.

The US-World Cup team won a must-win, politically charged World Cup game over Iran on Tuesday night in Qatar.
It was a combination of grit-poise-composure-will.  Just add water

They displayed courage and toughness.  Pulisic willed his way for a goal.  His teammates carried on for their fallen leader after that.  They succeeded under the most stress you could imagine.

Coach Gregg Berhalter always preaches ‘be the most comfortable when it is the most uncomfortable’.  It was-they did.

Pulisic, growing into a super star right before our eyes, scored the only goal of the game at the 38′ mark of the first half, kicking a deflected pass into the net as he collided head on with Iran’s goalie.

Injured, and down on the pitch for almost 5-minutes with a pelvic injury, he came back on the field to finish the first half,but was taken to the hospital  for scan exams.  He hopes to play on Saturday against the Netherlands as the toureyu moves to the knockout round.

The week’s run saw Pulisic emerge from young prospect to dominant star almost overnight.  It was his picture perfect pass that led  to the first goal that led to the tie with Wales.  He was everywhere making corner kick passes, and rocketing a shot off the crossbar in what became a tie with England.

Captain America’s crashing move into the penalty area led to the game winner against Iran.  Maybe we look back as this being the biggest goal in US soccer history if this team can move on.

If Pulisic became the flag-carrier in the win, then his defensive mate Zimmerman was superb on the back-end.  He cleared out a ball infront of an open net late in the second half after goalie Matt Turner went down on the save.

Zimmerman also headed out five crossing passes in the box in the final 9-minutes of the game after the Iranians pressed forward in desperation to try and tie the game.

The stars came out all night long in the heat in Doha Stadium.  Josh Sargent, in his first start, was dominant in ball possession the entire first half, before he went down with a knee issue.

Tim Weah had a near goal on a header and a blast off the wing.  Weston McKinnie had a goal voided by an off side by a half step and continues to be dangerous playing the middle.  Goalie Matt Turner made saves in the waning minutes, including a crucial 9-minute stretch of injury time as Iran bombed him with shots.

It was a monster win fueled by Pulisic. It was an enormous team win after their star went out.  The World Cup began with just 1-player with World Cup experience, DeAndre Yelin.  By Tuesday night the rest of theat 26-man roster had grown up.

It was an emotional week too, with the international journalists trying to drag Team USA into the middle of the political issues that have spread from host Qata to the Iranian flag and its treatment of women.  The press conferences were hostile, over the line, and carried a tone of ‘I Hate America’ in them.

3-days of rest and healing for the battered Red-White and Blue now, then the knockout round with the Orange, historically tough Netherlands, a side which has never won the World Cup either.

Yes the spotlight will be on 5-time Cup winner Brazil, maybe Argentina, possibly England, or dangerous France, but this week we fly a flag for what Captain America has become, and how Team USA has rebuilt itself to capture the fancy of US soccer fans everywhere.



1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Sound Off–Aztecs Football-Basketball’

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“Aztecs Football–Basketball–Coming-Going”


San Diego State football has one game left to play, the Hawaii Bowl game against Middle Tennessee State, a reward of sorts for a (7-5)season.  It’s the 12th Bowl game in 13-years for the Red & Black.  A fun time to be on the Islands for the players, but not a fun finish to the season.  SDSU football, coming off a lousy loss to Air Force, and facing the reality fans are staying away in droves from home games, boored by what they run on offense and whom they play on the schedule

Aztecs basketball is back home after a wild weekend at the Maui Classic.  3-intense games, 2-losses, 1-win and an ugly confrontation with Arkansa’s head coach.  Brian Dutcher had lots to say on Monday, about his team, the games, the controversy and the future.

Highlites from an interesting Monday at SDSU

Coach Brady Hoke:

Invited to Hawaii Bowl-vs- Middle Tennessee State..both teams (7-5)
Aztecs in bowl game for 12th time in 13-years
Happy for kids to play Christmas Eve in Honolulu
Middle Tennessee throws the ball a lot-like Mike Leach-Air Raid offense
Been to enough Bowls to understand procedures
This is a reward for kids
Be there 6-days before for festivities..fly home Christmas Eve

Playing last game for seniors was special..just didn’t execute in some areas
Giving up TD on first drive was upsetting-but you have to get used to speed
Air Force defense-fastest-aggressive-one of better defenses they have had
They were better than I thought
Offensive line take a step back…lack of discipline-OL mistakes=killed us
Air Force took away some of Maden’s throwing lanes..he pressed a bit

Offensively, never got anything going-penalties-lack of discipline
The (-1) yard rushing was an anomaly

We will give players this week off the field-do conditioning
Next week game play for Blue Raiders

If  players go to transferportal…they will not be part of Bowl trip
Kyle Crum is ahead of curve recovering-throwing the ball

I am not concerned about what fans care about the offense
We evaluate offense all the time-do not think we have to change what we do
I don’t pay attention to the crowd turnout at the stadium
Let’s talk about the 12-win seasons we have had-huh


Coach Brian Dutcher

Aloha-back from Hawaii
We played 3-really good teams-learned from it
Irvine is (6-1) averaging 83-a game-they have real talent..won at Oregon
Irvine shoots 3’s and have a solid big man

We want to win all those Maui Classic games
Oho State really good
Arizona is so big-so good
Arkansas-played well enough to win
2-losses hurt our rankings
We let players unwind in Maui-had two days off
Played 3-games in 3-nights..bit of a hangover-practice going well
We pushed our effort to the max in those games
They played hard as heck

Atmosphere in Maui was incredible but it turned the other way
Head coaches have to control their program-players
I want our kids to be gracious and have empathy
Eric Musselman is wired tight-competes at a high level
His personality is to haves joy with win..he is emotionally charged after losses
We need to revisit if whether we need to change post game handshake
Things have changed-showboating-celebration-arguing with refs-different time

Time will tell if we learned a lot from 3-games in 3-nights..
Remains to be seen what we learned from this
Don’t talk about it…learn about it…
We learned we are not as good as we want to be…I know what will be in future
Interesting dynamic have your team play at a high level thru the year-can you sustain it?

We were exposed by good teams ranked 4-and-11 teams in country
New Mexico…UNLV-Nevada unbeaten..Mountain West playing good ball
We want conference wide success in non conference games

We have good team-have to get better-we will-that’s who we are
We put our players in good position to win-but players have to learn to win
Coaches are teachers…players need to learn from it.