Pitiful Padres

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Blame game. There will be a public hanging soon if this keeps up.

They’re not going to play in October if they keep playing like this in May. The San Diego Padres season is fast eroding, and so is fan support. You can throw all the parties you want at Petco Park, honoring the past, but that gets old, when the current is much like recent seasons, and there is little to look forward to.

The Padres let a struggling Minnesota team come in here and take two games in a row. They’ve been shutout 8X this year. 23-times they have scored 2-runs or less in a game. The pitching staff is 3rd best in baseball, the bullpen 2nd best, and the batting order dead last in virtually every category there is.

Appalling last nite, the middle of the batting order was hitting 194-193-168-200. And they got blanked by another struggling team Minnesota.

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NFL Owners

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It’s a great idea. Why would they not move on it now? I know. It’s who they are.

The NFL, always coming up with new ideas to capture the fans attention, has decided not to expand their playoffs. The 16-game schedule; Thursday nite-football on top of Saturday-Sunday-Monday; the combines; the NFL Network; the 3-day draft. They elected not to expand the playoffs yet.

Doesn’t make sense. Not when the product is at an all time high in popularity. Don’t give me that razz-ma-tazz, you don’t want to become the NBA or NHL where almost everyone gets to postseason.

Add a 2nd wildcard team in the AFC and NFC makes all the sense in the world. The league is so competitive, each game so important, allowing 14-of-32 teams into postseason makes is right.

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Andrew Cashner

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There have been 24-so far…he won’t be the 25th-at least not yet.

Andrew Cashner and the Padres can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the next couple of weeks. The worst fears have not be realized in San Diego. The MRI result on the ace of the Padres staff shows soreness and inflammation in his right elbow, but not a ligament tear.

Rest-rehab-a limited throwing schedule for two weeks, and possibly less use of the vicious slider is the PX anti-dote. No surgery. He won’t be number 25-to be operated on.

Baseball is dealing with a major epidemic. Since February 15th, 24 players have had elbow surgery for torn ligaments. 23-pitchers and one phenom shortstop. Baseball is searching for reasons-answers-solutions.

Explanations are everywhere. Young pitchers, throwing violent whip actions with their arm, to create ball movement like never seen before. 97mph fastballs that jump. Sliders, cutters, four seamers, sinkers.

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Michael Sam

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You want to give him respect and space and you ask for understanding, but there are questions worth asking now.

It’s been a week since the NFL draft. It’s been a week since the St-Louis Rams took Missouri defensive end Michael Sam with a 7th round pick.’

It’s been a week of a wide variety of questions. How good is he? Why did the SEC Player of the Year last so long in the draft? Are people staying away from him because he has come out of the closet, not just to chase quarterbacks, but with the pronouncement he is gay.

We live in a different culture now, where being gay is public and is part of our lifestyle. It’s no longer the era of Dave Kopoy or Jerry Smith, who lived in fear in the NFL of being ‘outed’ back in the 60s and 70s.

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The newspaper called him timid…I say he’s conservative….you should tell him it’s time to make this move.

NFL rosters are pretty much complete, built for the coming season. There are virtually no free agents of note to go get. The draft picks are signing. What you have now is what you will play with this coming season. And the Chargers don’t have enough.

Tom Telesco has a chance to add one final piece to the puzzle, a player who would be a difference maker, a guy who could put you over the top.

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