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Padres Woes

Questions-Lots of Questions about a bad baseball team.

It goes on and on and no-one seems to have a solution.

The Padres are back out on the road, after wasting 2-homestands, where you thought they were going make up ground, pull themselves up by the boot straps, and try to make the summer baseball season interesting.

Last nite, another gruesome loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, the ones who started the season (8-22). The Padres wasted a couple of long distance home runs. They had two baserunners thrown out at 2nd and 3rd, stranded another at third, and booted a ground ball into centerfield, that led to 2-Arizone runs. That plus giving up a huge 9th inning home run, while their closer was standing in the bullpen. (more…)